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The past haunts her, but the future may kill her.

Cynthia Reynolds, CEO of Zurtel, has one love in her life—her career. At a young age, she learned the pain of romance.

Now her father has hired Tristen Conners as a pilot, the very man who taught her that painful lesson.

A sinister plot of industrial espionage to steal MX7, a new product that will revolutionize the aerospace industry, throws Cynthia and Tristen together in a deadly adventure.

Love in the Shadows-highres

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ISBN-10: 1539594599
ISBN-13: 978-1539594598

Love in the Shadows

Special Agent Ellen Bennett and Special Agent Garrett Emerson detest one another especially after learning they’re both after the same promotion. He sees her as rigid and difficult. She considers him an arrogant charmer, but his charm is wasted on her. When they go undercover as newlyweds to expose a sex trafficking ring, they have to live under the same roof and make it work. Not only do their careers depend on it, the lives of others do as well.

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ISBN-10: 1479185337
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Under Currents

Recently paroled from prison, Caleb McGregor returns to Faith, Missouri, hoping to remember the boating accident that killed two girls and stole ten years of his life. Disowned by his brother and ostracized by the small town, Caleb has no one in his life until five year old Ally Ross wanders into his yard. Her mother, Julie Ross, a young widow with two kids, has been in every fantasy his sex-starved mind can think of. She’s also the timid girl he ignored in high school.

Regardless of the fact that Caleb McGregor caused her cousin’s death, Julie Ross befriends him and finds she’s still attracted to him. Is it because of the crush she had on the high school hottie years ago? After someone threatens her and vandalizes her boat rental business, Caleb insists she take the threats seriously. Even though it could send him back to the slammer, he assumes the role of her protector. A position he plans to keep, if someone doesn’t kill him first.

Despite their growing attraction to each other, Caleb and Julie fight their desires. Too many obstacles stand in their way. While dealing with her own problems, Julie becomes driven to clear Caleb’s name.

But as secrets from the past begin to surface, someone who has a lot to lose wants to bury them along with the truth.

Dark Side of the Mirror cover
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ISBN-10: 1489523324
ISBN-13: 978-1489523327

Dark Side of the Mirror

While in Alaska, Sarah Mason is mistaken for the notorious Selena Menendez, America’s number one bad girl. Not only is Selena wanted by the U.S. Marshals and the FBI, but also by an organized crime boss. With an identical look-alike, Sarah has to assume they’re twins. The tall rough-edged marshal who arrested her will not listen to reason. When they reach Anchorage and he runs her prints, he’ll be forced to apologize for his mistake. Too little, too late. She’s suing the jerk for all he’s worth.

After being stranded in the wilderness, Sarah finally convinces the arrogant marshal she’s not his fugitive. She fights her attraction for him, because he’s not about lasting relationships, and she wants more than a romp in his bed.

Braden Wolfe likes Sarah, but that’s as far as it can go. She has the face of the fugitive who killed his mentor and best friend. After a bad marriage and the loss of his five year old son, he swears he’ll never go through that kind of pain again. Hate and revenge fuel him. He hardens his heart from any feelings for Sarah. He has no intentions of seeing her once they’re rescued and she returns to Memphis. But after she’s gone, he’s miserable. When Menendez and her gang are spotted outside Memphis, Braden races to reach Sarah before her psychopath sister has a chance to harm her. His motives become unclear. Is he truly there to protect Sarah? Or is capturing her evil twin more important?

But the crime boss who wants Menendez has his own agenda.

When Death Calls-highres
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ISBN-10: 1494895382
ISBN-13: 978-1494895389

When Death Calls

A unique romantic suspense with a paranormal twist.

Following in the footsteps of her deceased mother, Francesca Yates believes she is also a phony fortuneteller until her crystal ball reveals a client will be murdered. Though the vision is brief, she recalls a spider tattoo on the killer’s arm and tries to warn the client to no avail. When the woman is murdered, Francesca does her civic duty and calls the police. The arrogant detective lets her know right off he doesn’t believe in Tarot cards or crystal balls. When Francesca receives a call on a disconnected phone from the murdered woman, she is terrified. Given the name of the next victim, she has no choice but to call the detective again.

New Orleans PD, Detective Ryan LaBarre is all about black and white. There is no gray. He hates fortunetellers since one caused his marriage to fail by lying about him to his wife. He assumes Madam Francesca is working with the killer, hoping to become a celebrity psychic. He starts out to prove it, never expecting to become entangled in her life, never expecting to care about her, but once she learns the secret he harbors, she will despise him.

Now that the serial killer knows Francesca is keeping the police one step ahead of him, she becomes his target.

Fatally Yours-highres
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ISBN-10: 1500975494
ISBN-13: 978-1500975494

Fatally Yours

Dreaming of Scott Malone proposing? Think again. Women in Scott's life drop dead. Someone has a fatal infatuation with him and goes after anyone who gets too close to the handsome headmaster. When Scott becomes interested in his new teacher, Jenna Myers, he unknowingly puts a target on her back. After someone sabotages Jenna’s school work to make her appear incompetent, she catches on fast that a psycho bitch is on the staff at Barley Christian Angelica School. Though she’s attracted to Scott and adores his two young daughters, she can’t give into her feelings until she discovers who murdered his wife several years earlier and now wants to kill her.


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Cover design: Valerie Tibbs
ISBN-10: 1477536876
ISBN-13: 978-1477536872

Eye of the Abductor

After serving two years in a federal prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Allison Davenport returns to Tennessee for one reason—her four year old son. If the courts won’t give him back, she has a backup plan. 

Abduct him and run.

When the South American drug lord wants the money her deceased ex-husband shafted him out of and the names of the cops involved, she’s afraid of being murdered and sets her son’s abduction into action.

There’s a kink in her plan. The hotter-than-hell detective living above her not only finds his way into her dreams, but also into her life.

Will his feelings change once he learns of her past?

Is Brance Stone just another dirty cop or will he be able to save her heart along with her life?

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ISBN-10: 151438535X
ISBN-13: 978-1514385357

Deceitful Hearts

Amanda Marsh is swooped off of her feet by Secret Service agent, Brett Summers. The man isn’t just smart, but is so hot. The serious minded agent sees her as his protectee, no more. 

After her protection is mysteriously pulled, there’s an attempt on her life. Unsure of who to trust, she shows up at Agent Summer’s hotel.

Agent Brett Summers is concerned for Ms. Marsh. The President’s daughter didn’t have the agents pulled, so who at the White House did? One thing for sure, someone wants her dead and will try again. 

Rather than follow orders to take her home, he disappears with Amanda to keep her safe.

There’s a problem. 

He wants Amanda.

But if he takes her to bed, his career will be over.


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ISBN-10: 1523813156
ISBN-13: 978-1523813155

Blood Tide

Blackmail, murder, secrets, and lies brew a storm over the peaceful coastal town of Moose Point, Alaska.

After seven years, Jessica returns home for her father’s funeral. It’s her six old son’s first visit to the small fishing community. She receives an anonymous note stating her dad’s death wasn’t an accident. To get justice, she has to depend on the new police chief. But she harbors a secret. A secret she doesn’t want him to know.

Keegan has never forgiven Jessica for the past. Once the case is solved, he wants to get the hell away from her. But when he reopens her father’s case, it raises questions and puts Jessica and her son in jeopardy.

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