Author, Elaine Meece

She writes books that pull you into the story and take you on the hero and heroine’s journeys.

Love Shack

Love Shack-H-ighRes
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ISBN-10: 1986272702
ISBN-13: 978-1986272704

Love Shack

Possum Creek Series, Book 1

Piper the Viper vs. the Swamp Monster

In her book, How to Shape a Man, Madison Piper claims any man can be reformed. On a talk show, she accepts a challenge to prove her theories work. After meeting Jimmy Ray Dobbs, who’s referred to as the swamp monster, she realizes she’s made a huge mistake. If she can’t pull it off, she has to admit she’s a phony which ends her writing career, but if she lasts the month and convinces him to cooperate, she’ll receive a hefty payment and a major endorsement.

But it’s a match made in hell.

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