Author, Elaine Meece

She writes books that pull you into the story and take you on the hero and heroine’s journeys.

Blood Tide


Available on
(paperback and Kindle eBook)
ISBN-10: 1523813156
ISBN-13: 978-1523813155

Blood Tide

Blackmail, murder, secrets, and lies brew a storm over the peaceful coastal town of Moose Point, Alaska.

After seven years, Jessica returns home for her father’s funeral. It’s her six old son’s first visit to the small fishing community. She receives an anonymous note stating her dad’s death wasn’t an accident. To get justice, she has to depend on the new police chief. But she harbors a secret. A secret she doesn’t want him to know.

Keegan has never forgiven Jessica for the past. Once the case is solved, he wants to get the hell away from her. But when he reopens her father’s case, it raises questions and puts Jessica and her son in jeopardy.

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