Author, Elaine Meece

She writes books that pull you into the story and take you on the hero and heroine’s journeys.

Fatally Yours

Fatally Yours-LowRes
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(paperback and Kindle eBook)
ISBN-10: 1500975494
ISBN-13: 978-1500975494

Fatally Yours

Dreaming of Scott Malone proposing? Think again. Women in Scott's life drop dead. Someone has a fatal infatuation with him and goes after anyone who gets too close to the handsome headmaster. When Scott becomes interested in his new teacher, Jenna Myers, he unknowingly puts a target on her back. After someone sabotages Jenna’s school work to make her appear incompetent, she catches on fast that a psycho bitch is on the staff at Barley Christian Angelica School. Though she’s attracted to Scott and adores his two young daughters, she can’t give into her feelings until she discovers who murdered his wife several years earlier and now wants to kill her.

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